Our Story

Once upon a time, in a magical land where dreams really do come true, a small family watched as a group of gibbons maneuvered through overgrown ruins such as the ancient temples one might see in an Indiana Jones adventure. As the monkeys swung about, a staff member shared facts about the primates and their natural habitats. She informed us that certain coffees are shade grown, which means that they are farmed underneath the canopy of the rainforests where many diverse species of wildlife call home. She concluded her speech and the crowd dispersed. However, something had changed for that small family. A dream was born.
Hello and welcome. We are both excited and grateful for the opportunity to be able to share our vision with you. Let us start by introducing the small family from the aforementioned fairy-tale. Our names are Steve and Kelsey, the proud parents of Sophia and Marshall. We call a small town in Pennsylvania our home, but we don’t let it stop us from thinking big. In addition to our affinity for coffee, we love nature. Tomorrow’s Coffee allows us to combine these passions and redirect the energy to serve our customer and the world.
After learning about the benefits of shade grown coffee, we continued our research and decided to see how far we could push the limits of a sustainable and environmentally conscious coffee. We partnered with Dean’s Beans to bring you Tomorrow’s Coffee, the coffee with the most/best certifications available. As coffee fanatics, we demand great tasting coffee. As a business, we promote fair trade practices and profitable relationships with everyone that plays a part in Tomorrow’s Coffee. As parents, we wish to preserve the Earth’s natural beauty and wonder for future generations to marvel and enjoy. Together we can dream about the future with a cup of Tomorrow’s Coffee.