What is Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified Coffee?

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Surely you must be joking? All the coolest kids in school know that Bird Friendly Certified coffee is coffee that has been grown according to the world's most rigorous regulations established by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. 
The Bird is the Word.
Ok, I'm just kidding about everyone knowing what this certification means. Let alone that it even exists. However, That's quite alright because we get the pleasure of people looking at us like we're from another dimension when we tell them about this next level certification.
Here's the deal, coffee farmers grow coffee trees in full sun to increase productivity. This practice is not only worse for the trees (it cuts their lifespan in half), but also has devastating effects on the environment. The first and perhaps worst effect is that the rainforest is cleared to create full sun fields for the coffee to be cultivated. This of course displaces and kills ecosystems and organisms that rely on the rainforest for their existence. 
That's a real bummer...makes that cup of (insert big brand name here) much less appealing. If that has no affect on your dark heart, picture the sad little monkey who had his trees knocked down for your java sitting beside your coffee maker. Gets me everytime.
Now dump that murder juice down the drain and get yourself a bag of Tomorrow's Coffee because we have the certification and the solution.
Bird friendly certified coffee is grown under the natural canopy of other trees. The coffee trees are apart of the ecosystems instead of the reason for their destruction. There are so many benefits to this method of coffee farming. For example, the diverse species of birds that live in the trees help with pest control which will lessen the need for pesticides (our coffee is organic so this isn't a problem for us). It also prevents soil erosion and helps to maintain fertility.
We could talk for hours about how great this certification is, but the Smithsonian Institution can explain it much better. Here is a link to more information on their Bird Friendly Certification:
This is just one of the reasons that Tomorrow's Coffee is the best coffee for the world. Order a bag today and watch that imaginary monkey by your coffee maker smile!