What is Organic and what does it have to do with my coffee?

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So you have questions and you want answers. Awesome, the world needs more people like you! So here’s your guide to organic coffee.

Organic coffee is coffee that is grown without the aid of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, chemicals, and all types of unnatural things that sound equally toxic.

Why does this matter?

 I for one, prefer to ingest as few synthetic chemicals as possible. Therefore, I do what I can to eat and drink organic products whenever they are available. This is a great practice when it comes to coffee because many coffee farms (especially big name brands) rely heavily on the use of a wide range of chemicals to produce their coffee.

The world has a huge demand for coffee. This high demand has proved to motivate some producers and brands to employ farming practices that focus on increasing production and reducing the associated financial costs. However, these practices tend to cause collateral damage resulting in negative effects on the environment and even the contents of your morning cup of joe.

Here is the basic process when it comes to mass growing coffee. First, coffee will need to be grown in fields so the land (usually rainforests and other important ecosystems) is cleared so that there is a great big field where loooooots of coffee plants can be planted. Next, they pack these plants into the available space in direct sunlight and force feed them a laundry list of synthetic chemicals to enhance growth, kill diseases, kill insects, kill pests, and kill other plants. These are things you do NOT want dumped into the environment let alone your coffee. The thing is, coffee plants wouldn’t even need these chemicals if they were grown the way that coffee plants normally grow.

The good news is that the easiest way to fight these practices is to look for coffee that is certified organic by a credible institution. To meet the requirements to be certified organic, farms must meet a strict set of regulations and pass inspections. These organic practices promote shade grown coffees and the use of natural alternatives to the synthetic chemicals for healthy plants.

So, arm yourself with a large mug and sip your way to victory with a cup of Tomorrow’s Coffee. One of our four amazing certifications is certified organic by the Baystate Organic Certifiers.

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This is just one of the reasons that we are the best coffee for the world.