A Year, a Decade in Review at Tomorrow's Coffee

Today marks the end of the year, but more importantly, the decade. The years in our rear view mirrors have given us sooo much for which to be grateful. The 2010's (has someone coined a phrase for this decade yet? If so please let me know :) showed us the potential we have as a whole to change the world for better and for worse. We saw an image of a black hole for the first time. Same-sex couples gained marriage rights. A YouTube video reached 1 BILLION views and we watched everyone do gangnam style and the Harlem shake. Royal weddings, advancements in medicine and technology, apps and services for nearly everything, the introduction of the iPad, self-driving vehicles, and so much more has reshaped the world and how we perceive it.
The future can only promise what we dare to achieve. The human race has been faced with a vast array of problems that we must solve collectively. Mass shootings, climate change, extinction, pollution, natural disasters, starvation, homelessness, slavery, politics, war, disease and many more issues, some that have yet to present themselves, are our responsibility and a debt that we owe to one another to combat and solve.
It is so easy to get caught up in all of the negativity the world has to offer, but it is only when we take these setbacks in stride, accept reality, and use our current set of circumstances to improve our future that we can face these challenges. History presents all the potential and possibility of the next 10 years.
However, we must all do our part and fight for our cause. When we see a young girl fighting for governments to do something about climate change, people marching for equality, workers striking for rights and safety, organizations donating resources, people driving electric vehicles, individuals eliminating meat from their diets, or anyone else who has made an educated decision and taken a stand, sometimes we are inclined to fight against them instead of with them. However, everyone has their cause, if that is not your cause, that's ok. You have something else that you NEED to be fighting for. An issue that you were designed to be a part of the solution.
Tomorrow's Coffee was conceptualized less than a year ago and its brief life has already shown great promise and possibility. It was founded upon the idea that the world can be changed for the better, if not for us, then for those who will come after us. Unfortunately, coffee cannot solve all the problems in the world (buttt it seems to solve most of my problems) and some will most likely tell you that it creates a new set of problems that we don't even know about.
However, we are committed to creating positive change in the world by promoting fair exchange in mutually beneficial partnerships, supporting ethical and environmentally friendly coffee farmers, reducing deforestation, preserving a wide variety of animal species, and providing you, our partners in change, with the best coffee FOR the world.
We are so excited and grateful to be able to share the next decade with all of you. Goodbye 2019 and goodbye  2010's. Tomorrow's Coffee thanks you for your support and wishes you and all of yours a Happy New Year!

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.

― Bill Keane